Cudos to Carmela Cox. Never had an Angel Card reading and I did not know what to expect. Had my questions ready and received such a Wonderful reading. I chose to have a reading by phone since I live out of state. Just hearing this soothing voice on the other end filled me with a sense of peace and calm. My Reading was Sooo on point; So please don’t hesitate. Book your appointment as soon as possible with Carmela Cox at Angel Blessings.

-C.G. Harris

Carmela’s angel card reading was extraordinary. It not only was insightful but was filled with a sense of pure intuitive power and energy. She definitely has a special gift that allows her to connect with a higher power. If you need some guidance or confirmation on any topic, I completely recommend scheduling an appointment to chat with her. Her compassionate, heartfelt readings will inspire and heal any situation that is going on in your life.

-Danielle Dopwell

I had an angel card reading by Carmela this past May. This came at a time where I was in the midst of job applications and in preparation for a concert in which I was a performing musician as well as the producer. The reading provided me with info on beautiful things to keep, such as my joy and eagerness to learn, and provided me with tips specific to my experience which would help me to continue my growth. Carmela is a trusting listener and I am grateful for this angel card reading!

-Nicole C.

Carmela is incredibly intuitive and in tune with the Angelic energy of the Tarot. I have experienced Carmela, growing and blossoming in her gifts. I would suggest a reading with her to all my friends. Thank you, Carmela.


Truly Life Changing

Carmela’s Angel Card Readings have made a tremendous impact on my life in numerous ways! The readings that I was blessed to receive gave me a sense of comfort, peace of mind, confirmation, and most importantly energetic guidance. It was through these Angel Card Readings that I was able to understand what I needed to work on within myself and in my vortex to propel forward in life, career wise! I must say these readings are always beautifully delivered with a tranquil, less invasive energy and they are always exceptionally clear. I am always left feeling 100% more sure of myself and spiritual responsibilities after receiving a reading. These readings truly wake you up to your conscious and unconscious self! Carmela’s Angel Card Readings should be experienced by everyone whose heart truly desires.
-Isimot A.

I had my first Angel reading by Carmela. The reading gave a really accurate barometer of what’s going on in the present in my life. It reminded me of little things that are happening in my life that I might take for granted that are really important for me to pay attention to. I’ve had several readings since and they’ve become a very nice supplement to my spiritual practice. I encourage you to try it. Enjoy your reading.

-Mike Veny

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first Angel Card reading, but Carmela has such a warm, calming, positive vibe that I knew I would be in good hands. I’ve since had a few readings, and every time, she hones in on the exact thing that I’ve been struggling with or questioning in my life, even sometimes on a subconscious level. Her readings have been affirmations and positive beams of light that guide me back to what I know to be true. I highly recommend having a reading with Carmela. Her Angels help to amplify the small voice inside of you that you may have been ignoring or doubting.

-Kristine R.

I was going through somewhat of a grey area in my life, where I felt that I did not know whether I was coming or going. The daunting feeling was I did not have any answers to the whys. It was frustrating and borderline depressive,

A special person suggested that I reach out to Carmela. I was a skeptic of readings and pretty much shied away from this sort of thing I soon found out that this gift has been bestowed on some and Carmela has the Gift. After a 45 minutes conversation with Carmela I was able to have a clear view of where I was in life, and most importantly I had answers, and I could breathe and say “haha I get it’.

I have been blessed by the knowledge Carmela imparted. I am now going forward with a lighter heart, less stress and understanding. Angels are real and there are here for each of us. Carmela is here to guide us to them.